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Janine Onffroy Shelley  Glass Artist

I am a Whidbey Island artist. My art is influenced by the beauty around me every day. You will see mountains in the background of many of my pieces. That is because I wake up to the view of Mt. Baker every morning and see her every day from my studio. My studio overlooks Saratoga Passage from one window, and Penn Cove from the other. I see the Cascade mountains, a constantly changing pattern of light on the water and sailboats, orcas, gray whales, herons, quail and bald eagles from the deck of my house.  


My art tends to reflect the world around me. Some pieces are realistic, others are more abstract. I combine these images with the patterns and colors available in glass.  


My art training began with watercolors and stained glass. It wasn’t until I began working with fused glass and glass painting that I discovered who I am as an artist. I enjoy working with light diffused through glass and tempered with the painting thus creating my own glass textures. A piece of glass art has a luminescence unlike anything else.  

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