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Coupeville Views Lamp

View of Coupeville from Penn Cove


The Suva and a resident heron.


This lampshade was inspired by my favorite things in Coupeville.

  • I will never forget the day I first saw orcas in Penn Cove. There are two families of orcas that visit regularly, the salmon eating JPod and the transient TPod.

  • The Suva is a resident wooden ship in the harbor during the summer. She is an excellent example of the sailing ships that frequented our harbor a hundred years ago.

  • Ebey's landing is a favorite hiking spot and part of the protected Ebey's National Historical Reserve. The historic Ferry House is located there.


This Lampshade was made with over 300 pieces of cut glass.

The Ferry house on Ebey's Reserve.


The design on the lamp base suggests elements in the lampshade.


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