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Sunset in Penn Cove Details

Southern view of Coupeville harbor


Coupeville warf

Coupeville Lamp CU1.JPG

The sun setting on Penn Cove in Coupeville Washington, was the inspiration for this lap and lampshade.

  • Standing on the banks of Penn Cove you can see the Coupeville warf and the quaint buildings of the area.

  • The Coupeville wars is visited by thousands of visitors each year, some by boat.

  • From Coupeville you can see the small boathouse with the pine covered hills behind it.

  • Anna Hummingbirds are seen year round on this beautiful island. They are easy to spot with their crimson throats and green reflective feathers.

Over 500 pieces of glass were cut an fused to complete this shade.

Small boathouse seen from the warf


The design on the lamp base suggests elements in the lampshade.


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